.Let me be the one to take away all of your stresses and leave you feeling refreshed

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8 April


Hello everone I see the many grey areas around us & try to make sense of this wonderfully weird, wacky world of ours. Among my favorite activities there are bits of hiking, exploring open spaces (especially the one between the ears), dancing & music. I like smelling sex, the changing of the tides of the ocean, the wetness of the earth or freshly cut grass, like tasting a tear, or listening to passionate love making. I believe passion is probably one of the most important dimensions of the human composition; without that we are left without those dreams & aspirations that keep us going. I love the warmth you get from of skin on skin, a loving hug & the tingle of the slightest caress in the most intimate parts of the body. If you want to laugh? Be respected? Enjoy good times? or simply have a good friend? .contact ME!